Posted by: brandextenders | November 8, 2013

Are You a Witty Fool or Foolish Wit?

Taking a brand into the world of social media can be challenging and time-consuming and those that are successful create an emotional bond with their customers. I’d say way, way more than half the tweets I read are self-serving, boring and a downright waste of time which makes me wonder, why bother? If you’re going to put time, which is money, into social media, why not make it clever, witty and fun?

The following tweets are real and do just that.

SEGASega is obviously listening to their followers and has some fun at their expense. It also shows some people are very odd when it comes to picking a Twitter handle. I don’t have a clue what Jet Grind is, but I do know what a Pikachu is and I’d probably pass on the idea of sex with one as well.

CharminRob Delaney is a comedian from Boston who decided one day to take a poke at the toilet paper brand Charmin and their cute bear icon. They showed they can take a joke and turn the humor back around on Delaney. Interesting how they included Old Spice in their tweet as a part of their retort.


Newcastle is proud of their beer and the fact it’s been around for 86 years. They assume it’s your favorite beer, but just in case it’s not they reverse their logic and include those who may not like it.

Branding is much more than just one-liners though. While these are all clever tweets, the more important question is, do they tie-in with the overall image each of these brands is cultivating? Consistent branding built around a central idea or theme is probably the hardest thing to accomplish. When the majority of advertising spend consisted of print, radio & TV it was much easier to have consistency. Now, that branding consistency has to be spread across media, digital and social, each with its own demographics, peculiarities and quirks that must be taken into account.

Using Twitter to show a brand’s human side beats pitching product features and benefits. Save that for a corporate website and blogs. Use images, tout humorous videos and let the fun side of your brand spill out on Twitter. As William Shakespeare famously said when discussing how he uses Twitter, Better a witty fool than a foolish wit.”

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