Posted by: brandextenders | September 25, 2013

IOS 7. Love it, Hate it or Waiting for IOS 8?

This last weekend I loaded the new IOS 7 operating system onto my iPhone and was surprised at how different everything looks. I’m still learning what some of the new app icons look like, such as the photo stream, and am in the process of adding back some apps the update decided I didn’t need anymore.

If you haven’t downloaded the new version yet for fear of all the changes and things you’ll have to relearn, fear not. For the most part everything you loved about the old operating sysredesign_ios7_bigtem is still there, but improved. How about more ringtones and sounds? It still irks me though that I can’t use my favorite songs as ringtones for free like I could with my old Blackberry. A flashlight and level are now included and you can teach Siri how to pronounce words properly that she mangles on a regular basis.

But rather than my going through and listing all the changes and updates, I’ve posted links below to three of the best articles/blogs I’ve found so far that detail what’s new. I’ll never know or even use all the updated features, but if I can become just a bit more productive, then the learning curve will be well worth the effort.

In no particular order, check out these links to see what you might be missing with IOS 7:

My favorite updates include the new filters they’ve added to the camera as well as the ease of taking a panoramic picture; a new folder called, oddly enough, photos when you go to your photo stream. This folder automatically groups photos by where you took them as well as the month and year. And overall I like the cleaner look of a white background on many of the apps and the way the text stands out against it. That’s called getting old and needing the contrast to better see what’s there.

If you have an Apple product, what’s your favorite new feature or app with IOS 7? And if you haven’t downloaded the updated operating system yet, don’t worry, it’s safe and might even get you excited again about that miraculous device held in the palm of your hand and known collectively as a smartphone.

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