Posted by: brandextenders | June 5, 2013

Mom always told me I was an Ambivert

Say what? And what the heck is an ambivert and why would mom call me that? Well, she actually never uttered that term since it ambivertwasn’t in use when she was alive. However she used to tell me I’d be good in sales because I was friendly and liked to talk despite my knowing inside I was timid and shy.

We’ve all heard that extroverts make the best salespeople because they aren’t afraid to meet new people, are sociable, assertive and gregarious. When we think of a “salesperson” the image is often that of a used car or copier salesperson, someone who can get you to buy something you don’t necessarily want to buy because they are so persuasive.

A study by Adam Grant, a management professor at The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School has found extroverts really aren’t the best at sales nor are introverts. Those who do perform best in moving other people, according to his study, are what are known as ambiverts with personalities almost in the middle between the extremes of extroverts and introverts.

What exactly are ambiverts? According to Grant they are people who have pretty much equal parts of introversion and extraversion and fall in the middle on a 1 – 10 grading scale. Ambiverts are typically friendly, know the answers to questions they will be asked and have adjusted to the new environment where customers are oftentimes as knowledgeable as those seeking to sell them something. They know when to talk and even more so, when to listen.  Chances are, the majority of us are ambiverts and just never knew it.

tosellishumanTo find out what your style is, go here to take a short test created by Daniel Pink, author of a fantastic new book I just finished called, “To Sell is Human.” His book will test your theories on the age-old elevator pitch, on how we’ve moved from a caveat emptor to a caveat venditor society and why attunement is paramount in a world where 9 out of 10 people are in some form of sales. If you’re in sales of any kind (mom, teachers, customer service reps included) I suggest you read this enlightening and fun book. It’s a paradigm shifter for sure.

By the way, if you’re an ambivert, you’re pretty normal. And if your mom ever asks you why you’re so ambiverted, you can tell her that’s a good thing.

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