Posted by: brandextenders | February 7, 2013

You Don’t Have to Jump 24 Miles from Space to be a Hero

I was absolutely transfixed that Sunday, last October, when Felix Baumgartner climbed to 24 miles in a balloon and then jumped. Falling at 833 mph and shattering the speed of sound, Baumgartner, a normal guy, became an instant hero upon landing in the New Mexico desert.

But do you need to jump from 24 miles in the sky to become a hero? One definition for the word is a mythical or legendary figure of great strength; a more down to earth meaning is a man (or woman) admired for their achievements and noble qualities. While we must go above and beyond, pretty much anyone can become a hero to someone. You don’t have to touch millions of people to be one and in fact reaching just one person’s heart can truly make you a hero.

Below are four ways I believe we can achieve that vaunted status just by going about our lives purposefully.

§        Be a Parent: Having kids does not make you a parent nor does being your child’s best friend. Kids don’t need another BFF, but they do need someone to set guidelines for them, to nurture them, pick them up and dust them off when they fall and to discipline them if needed. Love them and let them know how proud you are and I guarantee you, you will become a hero to them. Just don’t ever expect them to vocalize that thought.

§        Be a Mentor: Just as kids need guidance, so to do adults when it comes to their career. Consider mentoring others, passing along your knowledge and skills and helping them to succeed. You don’t become a mentor for financial gain because the reward comes in seeing those you mentor grow in confidence and prestige over the years. Successful mentors become heroes to their mentees.

§        Be a Volunteer: We all have a passion be it sports or writing, teaching or building. Whatever your passion you can help others by volunteering to use that passion to assist others. Find a charitable organization where you can volunteer your time and talents, give of yourself and you will become a hero to those you serve.

Superman helps out in Adairsville (from 11Alive News)

Superman helps out in Adairsville (from 11Alive News)

§        Be a Superhero: I know, I know, there is no such thing as a superhero although don’t we all wish there were at times? If that’s the case, how do you explain Superman showing up after a tornado devastated Adairsville, a small town in the North Georgia Mountains? A 25 year-old man, dressed as Superman, arrived (did he fly in?) and worked for hours helping clear debris from broken homes. He asked that his name not be used and hopes his work will bring about compassion and friendship. Crazy or not, this guy’s a hero to me.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, all ages and genders. You don’t have to be special to be a hero, you just have to live your life caring for others and being the best person you can be. My heroes are all normal people who somehow did extraordinary things, usually in the course of their daily lives.

Who are your heroes and why? Have you ever been a hero to someone else and if so, let us know in the comment section below.


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