Posted by: brandextenders | January 10, 2012

Do You Recognize This Teen? Perhaps it’s Yours?

The world is changing quicker than anyone would have ever imagined and the newest generation is leading the way. Let’s look in on a typical 19 year-olds day:

He is gently awakened by an app on his iPhone and the first thing he does is check to see how he slept. After noting it was a relatively good night’s rest he looks at who texted him overnight and responds to several. He opens a weather app for the weekend forecast when he’s hoping to go hiking with friends. Then it’s off to the shower where he clicks on Pandora to listen to some country music while he gets clean. Afterwards more text messages (the average teen receives and sends over 100 text messages a day!) then over to Facebook to see what his friends are up to. He updates his status then watches a YouTube video a friend recommended.

It’s the first week of college and as he attends each class he notes the text books he’ll need and checks on the Chegg app to see if it’s cheaper to rent or buy each book. In class he takes notes on the built-in note taking app on his iPhone so he can refer to them later when studying. Of course, throughout the day he continues to check and respond to texts and even makes a few calls to confirm the time he and a couple of friends will study that evening.

After classes it’s back to the dorm where he uses Instagram to upload a few photos he’s taken during the day to Facebook and Flickr. Then off to the gym to work out with an app that tracks his progress while he listens to music on iTunes. Back in the car he responds to a few texts, looks on the GPS to make sure he knows how to get to his friend’s house to study and orders pizza from a local restaurant to be delivered while they study. That evening, back in his dorm, he Skypes his parents to wish his mom a happy birthday and asks if she got the flowers he’d ordered online. He watches an episode of his favorite TV show on Hulu before setting his alarm, laying the phone next to him and turning off the light.

Teens are connected 24/7

This teenager is a member of Generation C; the most connected, communicative, content-oriented, computerized and clicking generation born after 1990. By 2020 they will make up 40% of the population in the U.S. and Europe and constitute the largest group of consumers worldwide. They live online most of their waking hours and over the next decade they are going to transform the way we work, play and consume products and services.

So what does all this mean for you? It means the world around you will continue to change rapidly and my next blog will look at what some of those changes might be and how they will affect the way we do business. Stay tuned.

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