Posted by: brandextenders | October 27, 2011

Here’s a Jobs Plan Idea; Sell Something

Those of us in sales are all too familiar with job creation although we might not ever think of it that way. The truth is every time we sell something to a client be it promotional products, apparel or a ham slicing machine, we are helping the economy.

From BLG Consulting Group

Let’s look at the jobs involved in selling a bunch of products with an imprint on them:

  • First of all, if you sell for a living then you are the first job in this chain. It’s said that without sales people the world would not be where it is today and I believe that. The best ideas in the world can be imagined, but if there is no one to sell it to the right consumers the idea will flounder and die, which leads us to…
  • Products have to be created and designed and those are jobs for inventors and designers and graphic artists. Taking an idea from someone’s brain and putting it into a form where it can be manufactured takes a long string of different talents and jobs to make it happen.
  • Once the product is designed it needs to be manufactured. Not only is there the actual manufacturing process, but how about the people and companies that design the equipment the products are made with. And the manufacturing plants where the equipment is housed and the people work. And don’t forget all the people who have to maintain the equipment and keep the facility in tip-top shape.
  • And let’s not forget those people who make the raw materials these products are made from. The plastics, metals, glass, paints and inks.
  • Without support people products would never come to market. There are the administrative types, customer service, data entry, follow-up, accounting and sometimes collection staff. Graphic artists, printers, web designers, copywriters and the people who actually run the equipment and imprint the products you ordered.
  • Now that the product has been designed, created and manufactured it has to get into your customer’s hands so you have the shipping department that schedules pick up, possibly ocean freight carriers (just think of all the jobs involved in loading, unloading and running the ship from Point A to Points B, C, D and E). Once landed there are truck lines, UPS, FedEx or possibly the good old bankrupt USPS to handle the final delivery into your customer’s hands.

The bottom line for all of us in sales is that we are already helping the economy and are creating as well as maintaining jobs for a multitude of industries, companies and people. We don’t have to pass any bills or rely on stimulus packages to make it happen, we just have to keep selling products and services to our customers.

So what are you waiting for, get out there and sell something!

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  1. Completely agree, we are currently trying to reinforce helping our economy by using British suppliers throughout the entire process! Good work.

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