Posted by: brandextenders | May 8, 2011

What if…?

A study group I’m in recently discussed the question, What if? What if we knew our time was limited here on earth be it through disease, an accident or natural causes? How would that knowledge change the way we live each day of what remained of our lives? I suppose it would depend how long we had and, if through cancer or some other disease, how sick we were.

Why jump from a perfectly good plane?

The movie, “The Bucket List” comes to mind where Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman end up in the same hospital room together and decide, given their prognosis, they’re going to do some of those things they had always put off. Traveling the world, skydiving and other perhaps expensive pursuits would be wonderful if you had the time, money and health. But what if you didn’t? How would you change the way you live your life in simple ways given the circumstances?

  • Would you say, “I love you” more often? I tell my family every day, several times a day that I love them. I don’t think there is any doubt in my two son’s minds that I love them and am proud of them. There are many other people in my life I love, but I’m not as comfortable telling them. If my time was limited I would begin to voice my feelings for others because in the end, it might make those people I care for more open to tell those in their lives they love them as well.
  • Would you be less judgmental of others? This is one I’m working hard to make a part of my life and it is hard. It is so easy to judge others, make fun of their faults and blame them for things that happen in our lives. Judging others makes us feel better about ourselves in a perverted sense and in the end surely can’t have any positive benefits.
  • Would you do more for others? I used to volunteer a lot, maybe too much at times, but it felt good. Giving of our time to causes that fuel our passion is a win-win for everyone. We use our talents to help others and feel better about ourselves and others benefit from our work, sometimes in life changing ways. I need to commit now to finding more ways to share my talents and experiences with others.
  • Would you focus on the positive? Rising gas prices, joblessness, a slow economy, higher taxes. The lists of negatives we can dwell on are endless which means it’s more important than ever to focus on the positive. This is another task that should be easy, but at times can be so difficult. Taking time to stop and smell the roses and count my blessings needs to be a regular part of my day.
  • What else would you do differently? Would you travel more if you were able? Contact old friends or family that maybe you had a falling out with? Visit those places you always dreamed of, but could never find the time. Would you do the outrageous; skydive, scuba dive, drive a race car, take flying lessons, ski down the black diamond trails? Would you say, “I’m sorry” more often? Or would you do anything differently? Maybe you can claim you are already doing all of these things and if so, you must be an amazing person and I’d like to meet you. If not, don’t feel bad because almost all of us would most likely do many things differently if…! 

 Your turn; what you would do differently if you knew that your time was limited?

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