Posted by: brandextenders | June 17, 2010

Promotional Products – The Gifts That Keep On Giving!

Stop for a moment and think about something that you use on a regular basis, if not daily. It could be something at the office; possibly something in your car or perhaps at home. It might be small and unassuming or it could be something bigger that you find useful and attractive. Got it?

The chances are the items you use on a regular basis are things you were given that have some sort of logo or promotional message on it. It could be your favorite coffee cup that has the name of the pizza restaurant you frequent; maybe a writing pen you received at a trade show that fits your hand perfectly; a funky key ring from the dealership where you bought your car, a travel mug for your car, a sports bottle you use when working out or maybe a T-shirt you’ve broken in that feels so comfortable. When you start looking it’s amazing how many of the items we use on a daily basis are branded with a company name, a tag line, website or phone number.

 So what can we garner from the fact so many of the things we use in our life are promotional products?  First and foremost it should be the baseline to prove that overall promotional products are an effective advertising tool. Not only that, but the branding messages they provide continue to impress upon the recipients over and over again. A recent study by ASI, a provider of business solutions to the promotional products industry, found that writing instruments (pens), glassware (mugs) and office accessories (things you use around the office) provide the most impressions over a longer period of time. On average, 56% of the respondents said they use a logoed mug at least once a week and 25% said they use it daily. Given that the average promotional product is kept for eight months you can begin to see the return on your investment of $3 for a mug can’t be touched by any other form of media. Once you’ve read a newspaper ad or heard a radio commercial it’s gone, but a mug or pen or other useful gift keeps on delivering your advertising message again and again and again.

 When purchasing promotional products for your company keep in mind who your audience is and where you want them to use the gift you will be giving them. It’s not how much you spend per item, but the usefulness of the gift and the creativity of the message you put on it. Work with a promotional product consultant who through asking the right questions can guide you to the perfect product for your next sales blitz, trade show, direct mail offer, new product introduction, thank you or holiday gift. Promotional products truly are the gifts that keep on giving…impressions of your brand that is.

 With 24 years in promotional marketing, Steve Woodburn works with clients to develop creative and measurable solutions that solve their marketing needs using promotional products, uniform programs, online company stores, point-of-sale initiatives and rewards and recognition. He builds long-term relationships and becomes a trusted advisor and consultant his clients can turn to for all their brand extension needs. You can reach him at:

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