Posted by: brandextenders | June 9, 2010

Impress your customers with promotional products

Have you ever attended a trade show or other venue where you saw a really cool logoed item being handed out and you just had to have one? Or maybe it was a golf event and one of the sponsors gave you a well-known brand name shirt with their logo tastefully embroidered on the sleeve. Or possibly you were shopping and one of the stores you ventured into gave your child a safe and fun item to keep with their logo on it. Visualize one of these scenarios in your mind and think about how you would feel towards the company that gave you that useful gift branded with their logo.

If you’re like many people it’s likely your impression of that company would be more favorable after receiving the gift than it possibly was beforehand. A recent study by ASI, a provider of business solutions to the promotional products industry, found that on average 42% of people had a more favorable impression of a company giving them a branded promotional product. The gift of a nice tote or duffel bag had the highest response with 53% reporting a more favorable impression while 49% of recipients that received apparel thought more highly of the company giving them the shirt, jacket or hat.

 Additionally, 24% of recipients that received a promotional product as a gift said they were more likely to do business with that company. While not a majority of the recipients, that’s one out of four who said they would increase their business with a particular company based simply on a nice logoed gift they were given.. How beneficial might it be for your business if one out of four people you gave a promotional product to were more inclined to buy from you? And the study further found 62% of those who were more inclined to buy actually did.

 As someone who has sold promotional marketing, including promotional products, for close to 25 years I truly believe branded merchandise is one of the most effective advertising mediums there is. It’s targeted, relatively inexpensive, long-lasting and appreciated. The key is to insure the branded promotional products you chose to use for your business are tasteful and useful. Buying the cheapest product you can simply to have something to hand out won’t give the recipient a favorable impression and most likely will end up in the trash. Work with a promotional product professional who can guide you in choosing the right products to use for your particular business and application. If you do it right, promotional products are truly the gift that will keep on giving your brand long-term exposure.

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